The Art of Empathy: Insights From Mental Health Billers

Thursday, May 16th, 1pm EST

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Negative financial experiences are one of the top reasons a patient will not return to a provider, according to a recent survey. Enter empathy, your patient billing secret weapon. 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, putting a spotlight on the importance of mental health. Billers play a role in supporting mental health by providing empathy throughout the patient billing process. It’s simple, but there is an art to billing with empathy, and when you do it right, it results in higher patient satisfaction and improved collections. 

Learn from those who truly understand billing with empathy best – mental health billers. Join us for a roundtable discussion, The Art of Empathy: Insights From Mental Health Billers. Panelists include mental health billing professionals from Precise Practice Management, Prestige Medical Billing, and Inbox Health. The panel will cover the following topics and feature a Q&A session:

  • How do you develop a strategy to promote empathetic billing?
  • What are the financial benefits of billing with empathy?
  • What are appropriate ways to respond to difficult patients or clients? 
  • How do you balance empathy with the use of emerging technologies in medical billing?
  • And more!

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About Dottie Jackson

CEO, Prestige Medical Billing

Dottie began her career in 1998 as an Office Manager and later transitioned into the medical billing field. With a knack for numbers and a reputation as a “Rule Keeper,” Dottie excelled in managing state and federal contracts, including the billing process for a youth drug court program. She then worked as a Billing Manager for a domestic violence counseling agency, where she discovered her passion for supporting mental health providers and building healthier communities. Dottie later founded Prestige Medical Billing Co. in 2010, specializing in Mental Health Billing. As CEO, she continues to make a difference by supporting mental health providers and teaching others to advocate for them and their patients.

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About Erin Rockett

President, Precise Practice Management

Erin has over 25 years of experience in the medical billing industry with a focus on behavioral health. She has been president of Precise Practice Management since 2011, which specializes in Psychiatry, Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychological Testing. Erin views the patient billing portion of her business as an extension of the care received in a provider’s office. She prioritizes ensuring patients feel heard and understand their medical bills, which are driving forces behind the tools and strategies she adopts in her company.


About Alex Pollack

Account Executive, Inbox Health

Alex is an experienced account representative who has worked extensively in the Energy and the Healthcare industry. Alex has a passion for helping clients find solutions for their problems and bettering their business. As the account executive at Inbox Health, he provides direct support to our medical billers, RCM providers, and strategic partners.

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