Optimizing Your Revenue Cycle Workflow: A Roundtable Discussion 


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Today’s healthcare era is defined by advancements in technology, higher out-of-pocket spending for patients, and an increased focus on the patient financial experience. How has your revenue cycle workflow evolved to adapt to these major shifts? 

Join us for a roundtable discussion, Optimizing Your Revenue Cycle Workflow, with experts in the medical billing industry. Panelists include billing professionals from Oasis Claim Management Solutions, Red House Medical Billing, Accu-Med Billing Solutions and Inbox Health. The panel will cover topics including: 

  • What are the most common roadblocks in the revenue cycle process? 
  • What changes have you made to your revenue cycle workflow in the past five years?
  • As a billing company, how can you best support your provider’s front office? 
  • How can billing teams utilize automation and AI tools in their revenue cycle? 
  • What tools help billing teams operate efficiently? 
  • How have billing teams had to adapt to advancements in technology? 
  • What trends will have the biggest impact on the future of medical billing?

Earn 1 AAPC CEU for joining the live webinar.


About Michael Smith

President and Owner, Oasis Claim Management Solutions 

Michael Smith is the President and Owner of Oasis Claim Management Solutions. Before devoting his full-time efforts to OCMS's clients, Michael served as the CEO and co-founder of Consova Corporation some of whose clients include United Healthcare, Cigna, Kaiser Permanente, Humana, Banner Health, and Providence Health and Services. Michael has always enjoyed working with his fellow team members to develop advanced ideas and concepts to succeed in shooting for the best possible result. He is currently a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the states of Missouri and Colorado.

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About Jeff Hillam

CEO, Red House Medical Billing 

Jeff is an entrepreneur, CEO of Red House, mid-cap RCM investor, and healthcare practice owner. He believes in keeping healthcare diverse, non-consolidated, and provides services to ensure doctors can efficiently operate in the business of medicine. Red House distinguishes itself by incorporating AI-backed RPA processes, developing work culture for a new era, and deepening payor and patient relationships.


About Robyn Goldberg

President, Accu-Med Billing Solutions 

Robyn Goldberg has been running Accu-Med Billing Solutions for 18 years. Accu-Med’s philosophy is a team approach with clients, focused on effective communication, embracing automation, and providing an exceptional patient experience. As Robyn takes on more clients and continues to grow, her priority is to put systems in place that keep her clients happy and allow her to run her business efficiently.


About Scott Houghton

Vice President, Inbox Health

Scott has an entrepreneurial spirit mixed with a relentless desire to make a positive impact in healthcare. With a background in finance and sales, Scott spent time working for some of the top fortune 500 companies after graduating from Villanova University. Healthcare became a passion due to its many challenges, and Inbox Health was the culmination of years developing a way to help the industry, doctors, and patients from a business standpoint.

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