Navigating Patient Billing Support Challenges in the New Year

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Fifty-six percent of patients say they are likely to switch providers after a poor billing experience. Patient billing support is an extension of patient care. The beginning of the year is particularly challenging because deductibles reset, often resulting in a boost in patient inquiries and an increased need for empathetic billing support. 

Now is the time to evaluate your patient support strategy and streamline your billing process. Join Inbox Health for a webinar, Navigating Patient Billing Support Challenges in the New Year. The presentation will be led by Inbox Health Director of Patient Billing Support Ann Taylor and cover proven strategies to improve the patient experience and boost your team’s efficiency. You’ll come away with: 

  • Strategies to reduce patient confusion regarding deductibles and insurance coverage and an understanding of the impact of deductible resets on patient billing
  • Insights into emerging trends in patient billing communication
  • Action steps to create a consumer-friendly billing experience aligned with modern healthcare demands 
  • Techniques to provide support with empathy and encourage prompt payment

Earn 1 AAPC CEU for attending the live webinar


About Ann Taylor

Director of Patient Billing Support, Inbox Health

Ann leads the billing support team at Inbox Health and oversees thousands of patient inquiries each year. With a background in the healthcare industry, She joined Inbox Health in 2019, bringing a patient-first approach and exceptional experience at every touchpoint. 

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“The traditional way of doing billing is not going to cut it anymore, from both a profitability and technology standpoint. The time to get ahead of the curve is now.”

John Gwin, CEO
The Auctus Group

“I’ve never seen this much collection on patient balances.”

Diana El Masri, President
Elite Medical Billing

"Compliments to the organization for having the clearest explanation of billing due, dates, components and bits that I have ever seen. Please communicate to the folks doing the hard work on the non-medical side."

Dermatology Associates

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